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ahhh the joys of planning....and then it dont work out....

March 8th, 2005 at 07:45 pm

my husband owns a business, we sell scrap metal. till last week, a ton of steel has gone for $100 a ton. today its going for 80. and on top of that, we ran out of propane and acetalyne. thats gonna set us back 30 right there. adn we only made 50 today. so thats a bad thing. the worst thing about this is im needing 400 to pay the bills. and i only have 100 so far. the other 300 i guess ill have to put on the card. then if joe makes enough this month, i can send that back in to my credit card company. i hope to anyway. ive been looking for part time work. at a local nursing home i can make 10 an hour. that means if i work 3 days a week, ill bring home about 400 for the pay period of 2 weeks.

i cant really complain about that. i have about 900 in bills every month, id have less but i just bought a new trialier to put out at my folks house. so i have an extra 150 on that to pay a month. with the job, and my child support, i can pay all my bills, plus have some to pay twords my credit card bills. i only have about 800 on 3 cards. so thats not too bad. but id like to pay them down and use them only for emergenices.

the plans ive been making is to draw out my floor plan and decide where to put it all when i move in my trailer. its going out to the farm, my moms place, so i will tap into her well, and only be about 200 feet from her house if i need her or she needs me. she has 8 acers out there and my horses run on 6.5 of them. my best thought is when i wake up in the morning, i can look out my window and see my horses. ive never got to do that and it just makes me so happy.

along with thoes plans are a new household notebook to keep in my kitchen. this has all the chore lists, the phone numbers bills ect in it so i can keep track. im really trying to get things ready for this. i wont be able to move till june. and the goal is to get rid of 70% of my stuff. the reason is when i left my ex husband, i took what i could grab. i didnt pack or do anything. just stored it all. and for 2 yrs paid storage costs. bad idea i know, but i did. and now i have so much to go thru and get rid of. not just mine, but things my kids have and the things dh joe brought into the marriage that we really dont need. lots of plans, lots of ideas. lots of time thank goodness.

tommrow my plans are

1. dr apt for dd on adhd meds check up
2. dr apt for dh 30 mins after hers
3. run by folks house and feed my babies
4. more lists
5. get dh oxygen and actelyen for work
6. see if i can find more boxes
7. the huge mountian of laundry needs folded and put up

full day ahead of me. hope tommrow is better.

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