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giving things up

September 17th, 2004 at 11:09 am

i have decided that i will give up some of my things that i do alot. just to have the extra money for our debt payment and our savings jar. we make enough for the bills..the regualr ones so i need to come up with creative finaceing for the others. i can get things to work out on that. i will give up my daily 2lt of soda, and keep from buying some things i usually do. i can do this. i can keep it down.

im hopeing that i can get my truck back soon and have it to. its been in the shop for the last 2 months. i miss my truck.

i also plan tostart my xmas list and get an idea of what im needing to buy for everyone. i plan to get it all befor i have to if i can. luckily we have xmas club for part of it. that will give us 800 towrds the gifts. i want to get some things for our kids, and everyone else in our family. it will take some shoping but i think i can do it for under the 500 i think we can use.

i hope anyway.

double coupons at the store

September 16th, 2004 at 12:44 pm

im back from the store. its double coupon week here. we dont get doubles or triples very often.

so heres what i got...

1 gal milk
4 boxes of pizza rolls
4 suave professionals shampoos conditiner
2 bisquick compleate biscut mixes
2 cans caration milk
3 betty crocker mashed potatos
3 frostings
12 cans of soup
3 soup at hand
2 rice a roinis
ragu spag sauce
loaf bread

total spent 22.15
total saved 28.90

wish i could have gotten more, but i ran out of money. and the coupons werent very good. i wont spend alot on alot of things. i use the coupons to spend on things i like, but wont normally buy. like the pizza roll. the kids like them.

trying to sell some things for extra money

September 9th, 2004 at 06:56 am

today i plan on making up sale flyers for our extra car, a 1992 chevy caviler 5sp and our 96 ski boat. i plan to ask for 900 for our car, and 2000 for our boat. that seems fair. i also have a couple of non running jet skis i plan to part out and sell on ebay. that maybe some extra money that way. i have wayyyy too much stuff and i need to clean it all out. i hope to make some extra money on it so we can put that back for our house. we wanted to buy a house this year, but its not looking too good right now. i used all the savings we had when joe was off work for 5 months when he got hurt. and on top of that..our total income this yr so far is only 7000. thats gonna hurt at tax time.

i will take pictures of our car and boat , print up the flyers, and get it all the way i want it and try to sell them. if i do ..i do..if i dont..well i try again next year.

hopefully this wlll work our.

wow been a while

September 8th, 2004 at 07:56 pm

today was another payday. ive been taking $20 a pay period from dh check in quaters to save in my change jar. its really a 5 gal water jug from a cooler, but no one in the house uses change to spend so its the easiest way to save. i have about 140 in it right now. plus i have been trying to save 10 from each check into a savings account too. theres 54 in there now. i also save the 1s that i can, and have about 30 there.

i want to save more, and we have had a talk today about paying as i can on the bills.even if its just a little bit at a time. but every little bit helps out. i guess hes right, he usually is and it drives me crazy.

i have a bad habit of if its a good buy..i do. and i get some great buys. i have about 50 bottles of shampoo and creamrinse, i got them for about .10 each. im happy with it. i get all i can at the best deal i can. i try to help out. ive been a stay at home mom for the last 2 yrs since joe and i got married. and befor that, i worked and went to college. i have a degree in information processing but ive never used it.