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i saved some today

February 28th, 2005 at 09:17 pm

i went and paid my cell bill in a town about 20 minuts from where my new trailer will be. i like to pay that there, because the horse feed in that town is $2 cheaper there than here. i got 7 bags for uner $30 today. the bad of that is only 6 will fit in my barrels in the barn. i had to lay one on top of the barrels. i have 3 horses, and it will last them about 3 weeks. i also have a place i can get hay for them at 1.25 a bale. its not as good as having a huge round bale, but it will have to do i guess. i just got them 3 huge bales just 3 weeks ago. i will have to restak this in the barn, and it will last about 1 small bale a day. sooo i can get abou 20 bales for 25. that will last me into the middle of march. by that time i need to start looking at getting next years bales ready for them too. i need in about 150 bales each of hay and straw.

other than that, i need to give my husband 11 for another bottle of oxygen for our business. so that will help too. i also have a job intrview tommrow for a part time job at a local nursing home. i only want to work 2 or 3 days a week. that will be enough to covet the bills when my dh cant work on our business.

i cant figure it out

February 26th, 2005 at 10:39 am

Ive been trying to find a way to keep track of our business expences, and to keep track of the money we put out in bills also. but i cant find a free account page to use. so that aggrivates me. i do keep lists on paper and things in my purse, but id like to find a way to do it on line and keep a running total of everything. im bad in math.

yesterday i had added expences, i had to put out $32 for acetelene and oxygen for the business, and i put out anther 10 in gas. id made $40 from selling some veido tapes , so i had the money for it, but it aggravets me when joe dont want to try to get ahead and work on things. he acts like its ok when we dotn have money, but that its my fault.

im trying to get my bills figured out too. and i have to get the budget down so i can pay what i can pay with what i have. its hard sometimes to get thing the way i want them. i just want to pay all the bills and get things figured out. its so hard.

maybe tommrow will be better. i sure hope so.

how come i never get ahead?

February 25th, 2005 at 09:50 am

the school just called. my youngest dd busted her glasses at school. wonderful. there goes another 40 for frames. i cant afford that right now. dh is working on a few tanks to scrap out. thats what we do. we take metal scrap and sell it for profit. one fo the things we do is take the metal free from the clients house, and then we sell it. right now he is working on about 4 twenty foot tall round tanks and takeing them down to get the cash from them. the only big problem with our business is that if it rains, we cant work. it gets muddy and the pickup wont go thru the mud. i hate it. but when it does work, we make decent money. just we havent worked from dec till yesterday. its a huge strech to make the money work that far that i get for support, or by selling on ebay.
so now im trying to catch up, and brit breaks her glasses. wonderful.

wow...been along time. news about my trailer....

February 24th, 2005 at 07:32 am

Its been forever since i wrote in here, one of my goals for this month is to keep better track of my finances and my budgeting. ive been stocking up on alot of things. but my biggest accomplishment was buying a new to me trailer.

its 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and its so much bigger than what i have now. its a 1990 14x80. i live in a 1970 10x60. we have the 3 bedroom, but its only one bath and with 2 girls and a teenage boy..i never see the bathroom in the evenings. the biggest thing about a new trailer is we are putting it on my folks land. my mom has 8 acers at her place, where my horses live and i took over part of the barn lot for my house. i have aprox 1/2 acer for the kids to play on behind our trailer, plus moms yard and the barn lot too if they want to run around out there and mess with our horses. its going to be great.
the draw back is that its not frozen over enough now to move it in. so i can visit it at the place i got it, and see it, but its still 30 miles away. ive been trying to get things gone thru now to move. when we move to my parents house it will save me alot on gas. we live 15 miles thru the country, and 23 on the main roads from my moms one way. i go see my horses every day, so it costs me alot to drive that far everyday to take care of them. plus i miss my horses beign this far away. i cant mess with them as id like. were we sit the trailer, you can look out any window of the trailer (excpt the kitchen dineing area) and see the horses. in fact my daughters room window is only 3 feet from a corner of the lot, so as they get up in the mornings they can see the horses and even talk to them on warm enough days to have the window open. that is very excting to my girls.
so now the only thing im doing is hopeing for freezing for my trialer to move in.

the cost of my new trailer is $10000. i put down 1000 on it wiht tax money. i traded my ski boat to the guy also and now im down to 8000. my payments are $150 a month and the interst is 6% yearly. my goal is to pay it off by 2007. thats my goal.
thanks for reading