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i saved some today

February 28th, 2005 at 09:17 pm

i went and paid my cell bill in a town about 20 minuts from where my new trailer will be. i like to pay that there, because the horse feed in that town is $2 cheaper there than here. i got 7 bags for uner $30 today. the bad of that is only 6 will fit in my barrels in the barn. i had to lay one on top of the barrels. i have 3 horses, and it will last them about 3 weeks. i also have a place i can get hay for them at 1.25 a bale. its not as good as having a huge round bale, but it will have to do i guess. i just got them 3 huge bales just 3 weeks ago. i will have to restak this in the barn, and it will last about 1 small bale a day. sooo i can get abou 20 bales for 25. that will last me into the middle of march. by that time i need to start looking at getting next years bales ready for them too. i need in about 150 bales each of hay and straw.

other than that, i need to give my husband 11 for another bottle of oxygen for our business. so that will help too. i also have a job intrview tommrow for a part time job at a local nursing home. i only want to work 2 or 3 days a week. that will be enough to covet the bills when my dh cant work on our business.

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