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double coupons at the store

September 16th, 2004 at 12:44 pm

im back from the store. its double coupon week here. we dont get doubles or triples very often.

so heres what i got...

1 gal milk
4 boxes of pizza rolls
4 suave professionals shampoos conditiner
2 bisquick compleate biscut mixes
2 cans caration milk
3 betty crocker mashed potatos
3 frostings
12 cans of soup
3 soup at hand
2 rice a roinis
ragu spag sauce
loaf bread

total spent 22.15
total saved 28.90

wish i could have gotten more, but i ran out of money. and the coupons werent very good. i wont spend alot on alot of things. i use the coupons to spend on things i like, but wont normally buy. like the pizza roll. the kids like them.

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