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trying to sell some things for extra money

September 9th, 2004 at 06:56 am

today i plan on making up sale flyers for our extra car, a 1992 chevy caviler 5sp and our 96 ski boat. i plan to ask for 900 for our car, and 2000 for our boat. that seems fair. i also have a couple of non running jet skis i plan to part out and sell on ebay. that maybe some extra money that way. i have wayyyy too much stuff and i need to clean it all out. i hope to make some extra money on it so we can put that back for our house. we wanted to buy a house this year, but its not looking too good right now. i used all the savings we had when joe was off work for 5 months when he got hurt. and on top of that..our total income this yr so far is only 7000. thats gonna hurt at tax time.

i will take pictures of our car and boat , print up the flyers, and get it all the way i want it and try to sell them. if i do ..i do..if i dont..well i try again next year.

hopefully this wlll work our.

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