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catching up

August 23rd, 2004 at 10:27 am

well i got the kids started at school, and ive began to go thru the things i need to weed out here. im trying to get my pantry cleaned out adn sorted thru. i have alot of stuff..just dont realize what i can make since its all scatterd around the room.

my horse went on vacation without me, sil took him and 4 others for her and her friends this weekend. my horse is a 7 yr old blanket app gelding, and i love him to peices. he got to be rode for a good weekend, i got to have time in my barn working on it, and clenaing it out. that was helpful. the best part was when he came home, and i got to get him back in my yard. the guy whos gf rode him said hed give me a blank check for him, and i took a long time telling him NO!!! not just NO but REALLY NO. they finally took the hint.

so today for frugal im making my list for the next time dh gets paid, working on my budget and working on the house. so i guess ill be going for now..and ill be back in a while with a list of things im doing this week.
hopefully i can get some things done befor everyone gets back home.

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