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today wasnt very frugal.

August 11th, 2004 at 06:19 pm

dh got paid. less than we thought. so i have to redo most of the bills. i do have the money for the phone bill, and bobbys last boat payment. plus lot rent on our trailer. other than that, i spent 10 at cvs and got a full size physic hair jel, 2 deodorents, 2 oxy skin care pads, 2 loreal kids blueberry shampoos, and on that i saved a total of 14.48 and spent 9.49. so that was pretty good.

plus for the kids school books and lunches, i got free books and lunches for all three kids. we make low enough we got that. which helps alot. books were going to be 45 for ds in jr high, and 35 for each dd in grade school. plus lunches are 1.50 each every day. thats alot for us. so im glad we got the help on that.

i put 5 gas in the car, and thats all there. at walmart tho i spent 20 getting spark plugs, toilet paper, female things, light bulbs, and a newspaper. so thats not too bad either.

i called about my 98 olds bravada, the transmission went out on it, and its still coverd by the warrenty i hope where we bought it at, so that will be fixed by next week i hope. i love my truck, and i want it back, im driving my old car now, a 92 caviler, but its not much fun. its a stick, no ac and it hates me. plus its not big enough for all of us, and the kids are always complaing about how cramped it is. so ill be happy when i can have my suv back.

other than that..im thinking of lowering my bills by $50 a month. $25 from droping my extra movie channels, and $25 for dropping my cell phone extras down. that would be an extra 50 a month that i can come up with. other bills, i cant drop so i have to be creative. maybe ill come up with something else. maybe. i doubt it tho.

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