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wendsday is pay day.

August 10th, 2004 at 03:49 pm

ok, my husband has just gotten back to work since hes been off when he got hurt. he fell off a tanker truck and hurt his leg. he was off for 4 months. but since he got back to work 4 weeks ago, hes not getting as many hours in. so insted of getting 87 hours every 2 weeks. hes getting about 60. and that cuts his pay by about 200 or so. that leaves us about 550 for the 2 weeks.

our bills are
lot rent for our trailer
truck payment
car insurance
cell phone ( we only have cell phones)
satalite dish
hospital bills
utiltility bills
animal food
gas in our cars
car repairs

thats what we need to pay.

this week im paying
100 to bil for a boat joe bought.
160 for cell phones
rest of school supplies
80 lot rent
i should pay the car ins tahts not due for a whlile, but i probly wont. ill use that money for something else. i also need to get a few things at the store. plus the kids shoes for school.

thats about all for today.

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